BISRABritish Iron and Steel Research Association (est. 1944; UK)
BISRABaseline Information Security Risk Assessment (white paper; Symantec)
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BISRA has found that sales of fixed annuities are especially susceptible to specific market conditions.
The BISRA study found that annuity sales in banks totaled $8.
This allows for deeper relationships leading to greater share of wallet and access to outside assets," says BISRA Head of Research Janet Cappelletti.
He has asked instead for donations to BISRA and Bantry Hospital, where medical teams tried to resuscitate Muire.
Attendees at the BISRA Operations and Technology Executive Summit will include financial institutions from throughout the U.
BISRA pointed out that many VA carriers continue to remake products in an effort to deal with the low interest rate environment by cutting investment selections and reducing living benefit features.
Janet Cappelletti, head of research at BISRA, noted in a statement that simultaneous "significant" declines in VA and fixed annuity sales is rare.