BISROBusiness Requirements Organization
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Tenders are invited for P/S To 04 No 12 HP irrigation Tw Con To Shri Sagnu Ram S/O Shri Bisro Ram & 03No Various Consumer At Village - Chindal Under Pharasgaon D/C Opening date : 09 Sep 2019 Period of contract : 02 Months
The BISRO is 2 unifactorial and features seven dilemma situations with two alternative courses of action (remain/ leave, ranging from -3 to +3, respectively); it has already demonstrated a satisfactory Cronbach's alpha ([alpha] = 0.71) in research on different sectors and regions in Brazil.
We transformed the score obtained in the BISRO scale into a binary format, where we considered that for x>0 the intention to leave predominated and for x [less than or equal to] 0 the intention to remain was the dominant factor.