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The graph [K.sub.2]([m.sub.1], [m.sub.2]) is called bistar and it is also denoted by B([m.sub.1], [m.sub.2]).
[6] Jeyanthi .P and Maheswari .A, Vertex equitable labeling of cyclic snakes and bistar graphs, Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.
The graph obtained by joining the centers of two stars [K.sub.1, m] and [K.sub.1, n] with an edge is called Bistar [B.sub.m, n].
I couldn't fail to notice that the Char Sad Bistar was a sprawling medical complex with hospital blocks, pharmacies, laboratories, a medical college and hostels.
In the same paper Baskar Babujee proved that the path graph, cycle graph, star, and bistar are signed product cordial and some general results on signed product cordial labeling are also studied.
Definition 2.20.[2][K.sub.2]with m pendant edges at one end vertex and n pendant edges at another end vertex is called bistar and is denoted by B(m,n).