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Old English <y> normally appears as <y> or <i>, as in yuel, myrpe, bisy, but <u> is found occasionally in murpes and lust, and <e> in euel.
Not simply because he has been too 'bisy' has his life not been Christocentric, but also because, having never really seen God, he, like Will, must learn 'on crist to beleue'.
Min dohtor is nu swide bisy ymbe hyre leornunga, ac pe laes pe ic eow a leng slaece, awritad eowre naman on gewrite and hire morgengife; ponne asaende ic pa gewrita minre dohtor paet heo sylf geceose hwilcne eowerne heo wille.
(22) Antony/More calls the world "this bisy plesaunt mase" (CW 12:2.17.4), an image he plays with in the ensuing paragraphs.
(40) The full line ("The sweete smel that in myn herte I fynde") makes the imagery's fluid merging of physical and spiritual especially pointed here, as does the Prologue description of Cecilia as a "bisy bee" (195)--the latter vividly evoking the same near-tactile relationship with the sweetness of the spiritual honeycomb illustrated by the examples from Bynum cited below.