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BISYNCBinary Synchronous Communication
BISYNCBinary Synchronous Communications
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< and configured, there were problems related to timing issues and to the mapping of bisync to/from SNA.
If we were to use the Bisync as an example, we could not send five-bit data within the block because it might appear in strings as control characters.
For IBM Bisync applications, the firm provides an integral protocol converter, called Bluegate, that fits in a single card slot in the DCX 850 frame.
According to Bennett, the model 800 decodes more protocols than any other unit, including HDLC, X.25, SDLC, ADCCP, Bisync and DDCMP.
The first product from the re-named Bridge RF Products Division is an intelligent broadband modem that connects SDLC, HDLC or bisync devices over CATV cable networks.
This is accomplished using intelligent line-monitoring units (LMUs) that monitor 3270 SDLC and bisync protocol-related activity and send the information to the 90/60 data base.
The systems support bisync and SNA-based communications and document transfer capabilities with IBM hosts, as well as document transfer capabilities to remote Honeywell host systems via the company's RNP and DSA networking protocols.
A variety of protocols (async, bisync, SDLC, HDLC, 8A1, 83B3, X.25 ...), electrical interfaces (RS-232-C, RS-441, current loop...), and information types (data processing, facsimile, telex, word processing, OCR input, barcode processing...) will all have to be considered in any network design effort.
A variety of start-stop, bisync or SDL devices may be attached on the downstream side of the IBM 3710, which all appear to the SNA controller as Physical Unit Type 2 devices.