BITABilateral Internal Thoracic Artery (graft)
BITABit Test a
BITABusiness IT Alignment
BITABritish Industrial Truck Association
BITABritish Ice Teachers Association (est. 1936; UK)
BITABuilding Industry Technology Academy (Irvine, CA)
BITABritish Interior Textiles Association (UK)
BITABoston Irish Tourism Association
BITABaking Industry Training Australia
BITABureau d'information Technique Agricole
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BiTA standards are intended to create a common framework to help organizations develop and adopt blockchain technology.
BiTA is a new organization formed less than a year ago and it provides a forum to promote and educate, while encouraging the development of blockchain applications, within the transportation industry.
The BITA members' survey, which forms part of the report, shows that associates share this mindset, with the majority believing that their sales will remain unchanged over the next year and slightly longer term (three years).
The gift will establish the Bita Daryabari Presidential Chair in Persian Language and Literature to advance global understanding of Persian language and culture.
Rastak is comprised of: Siroos (Siamak) Sepehri (Band Leader and Tar); Seyed Farzad Moradi (Vocals, Tanbour, Setar, Dotar, Ghopoz and Dohol); Seyed Behzad Moradi (Vocals, Daf, Dohol, Damam, Desarkoten, Tonbak and Kakhon); Akbar Esmaeilipour Farsangi (Tar); Sepehr Saadati (Contrabass); Negar Ezazi (Daf and other percussions); Yaser Navazandeh Gorji (Ney, Sorna, Neyanban, Labak, Balaban, Laleva and Doneli); Saba Jamali (Qanoon); Maedeh (Dina) Doosti (Kamanche and Gheychak); Sara Naderi Asfarjani (Dotar, Setar, Naghareye Azari, Tonbak and Damam); Farzad Khorshid Savar (Daf and other percussions); Mohammad Mazhari (Kamancheh); Bita Ghasemi (Gheychak); and Mir Omid Mostafavi Kooche Bagh (Tonbak).
His wife Mahshid, played by Bita Farahi, is a successful artist who hails from a rich family and married Hamid for his intellectual tastes and forward views.
Ben and Bita Azizi of Beverly Hills purchased the KFC project at 8220 Geyer Springs Road from Donna Webben of Long Beach.
Au pair Angla-Alina Bita, 26, and student Vitora-Oliva Bucsa, 24, were taking the San Salvador rock iguanas on to Germany but Heathrow staff spotted the iguanas stuffed in socks in a case.
A delighted Helen 21, of Hartlepool, above, said: "My tutor Lianne Hubbart submitted my second year final project designs into the BITA awards but with so many designers across the country entering the competition I never expected anything to come of it.
A raid late on Friday targeted militants in a base in the town of Bita in the Gwoza hills along the Cameroonian border.