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BITBLTBit Block Transfer
BITBLTBit Block Transfer (graphics)
BITBLTBit-Boundary Block Transfer
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The MiMagic 6 includes 1.7 megabits of internal SRAM for video and graphics frame buffer; dedicated hardware for pre-processing of camera input; a 2D BitBLT graphics engine to improve performance of Graphical User Interfaces; dual video overlay datapaths, and numerous input/output (I/O) devices such as UARTs, USB, and memory card controllers.
It was optimized for I/O--the user program and device controllers timeshared the system microcontroller and memory, and the firmware supported BitBlt, windowing, and a programmable cursor.
[24] describes the hardware, firmware, and software architecture and utilization of the first modern personal computer: client-server computing, Ethernet LAN, LAN-based internets, firmware support for windows and BitBlt, programmable cursor, modern editing, draw, paint, and page layout software, laser printer.