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BITERBritish Institute of Traffic Education Research (UK)
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Imagine having a class of kickers, screamers and biters for seven hours a day, five days a week.
Our man was interviewed by an employee called Stuart who said he was in charge of "biters" – a term used for staff who cold call people and arrange appointments for salesmen.
I'm a biter, I mean, whatever it takes," she revealed, after being asked how she would survive the Games.
My sister called her son "Wolf" and he was a terrible biter at nursery.
Facing a life crisis can make one biter and angry, but it can also provide the key to a thankful and generous spirit within.
"The complications of time deadlines, personal commitments, summer vacations and a very difficult credit environment made this deal a nail biter to the very end," said Massey Knakal broker Robert Burton, who exclusively represented the seller.
Surely they could have been warned that Sue looked a biter strange.
Even light verse like "The Biter Bit" (1912), with its comic struggle over a "calalu" plant, depicts the bleak situation of the black Jamaican colonized class living under "buccra"--and British Crown Colony--rule.
With the assistance of Shelly, a flamboyant former bartender on the boat, and his little sister, a ferocious biter, Noah hatches 'Operation Royal Flush,' a plan to bring down the bad guys.
To put it simply, I am deeply concerned that by accepting the idea that one sex partner is just a docile, weak-willed pillow biter, a large number of gay men are committing a grievous error: They're having lousy sex.