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BITESBiomechanical Interactions in Tissue Engineering and Surgical Repair (medical consortium)
BITESBasic Information Technology Enabling Skills (Department of Education; Australia)
BITESBoard of Information Technology Education Standards
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He looked at the thickness of the neck below the hood, but that was too much for him; and a bite near the tail would only make Nag savage.
But he did not grow too proud, and he kept that garden as a mongoose should keep it, with tooth and jump and spring and bite, till never a cobra dared show its head inside the walls.
Even though the dogs had fewer chances to bite suspects in the past two years, they have bitten people more often, with 30 bites in 2003, the highest number since 1995.
Most bites are benign, but approximately 10% become significant.
Turns out, many shark species have very different sets of jaws and teeth, which make for a unique bite.
Cheesy Bites Pizza was first introduced in February 2006 and became an instant fan hit.
Dog bites fall under the liability portion of the homeowner policy, which must provide $100,000 to $300,000 for liability.
New Kibbles 'n Bits Brushing Bites provides the same great taste and nutrition as regular Kibbles 'n Bits, but also cleans teeth - so dogs can pucker up for 'Public Displays of Doggie Affection' with fresh, kissable breath," said Rodolfo Spielmann, Vice President of Marketing, Del Monte Foods.
Insurance companies are looking closely at the potential for increasing liability costs and jury awards for dog bites and either excluding liability coverage for dog bites, or not offering coverage at all,'' said Nanci Kramer, spokeswoman for the California Department of Insurance.
Ideal Bite readers are taking small bites that add up to a big environmental impact -- in a January 2006 survey, more than 1,000 Biters conserved enough energy to power 25 homes for an entire year by recycling the soda cans they used in 2005.
Now, with the introduction of our new Buttered Lobster Bites, customers can enjoy the taste of real langostino lobster at a fast food restaurant, served quickly and at a great price.
The upcoming Pizza Hut Big Game Day ad will have heads boppin', feet stompin' and its new Cheesy Bites Pizza poppin' into mouths across the country.