BITREBureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (Australia)
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Government transport analyst BITRE believes that Australia's purchase rate of electric vehicles will significantly increase over the next decade or so.
In terms of air freight services, the BITRE report showed that cargo volume grew 42% year-on-year, from 7,390 tons carried in 2016 to 10,495 tons in 2017, with Cebu Pacific garnering 39.12% market share.
In terms of air freight services, the BITRE report showed total cargo volume on the Sydney to Manila route grew 42 percent to 10,495 tons last year from 7,390 tons in 2016.
The growth in Cebu Pacific's cargo service tracked the increase in total volume, from 1,567 tons carried in the comparable quarter last year, citing data from BITRE.
Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) (2009) Household wealth, Information Paper No.
Australian airline Qantas announced today that in 2009 it had the best on-time performance for on-time departures and arrivals in nine months out of 12, according to data released by the Australian government's Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE).
Thinking of the economy of New Zealand in terms of modern economic geography theories, we are also led to the conclusion that New Zealand can increasingly be considered to exhibit characteristics that are typical of a region of Australasia whose dominant urban centre is Auckland (Grimes, 2005a; MED, 2007), in much the same way as Australia's states each have a dominant urban centre at their heart of their economy (BITRE, 2009).
In a line like "Bore sheep aboard her, and our bodies also," you can hear Pound emulating the starkly monosyllabic, alliterating line of Old English poetry: "bitre breostcaere gebidden haebbe," which translates literally into modern English as "bitter breast-cares abided I have."
This is clearly shown in the plot (Figure 2), (BITRE, 2008), which compares the investment in the various road networks for the financial year 2004-5.
ic paes wealles geat ontyne purh teonan; bio se torr pyrel, ingong geopenad, ponne ic aerest him purh eargfare in onsende in breostsefan bitre geponcas ...
In addition, it is likely that the spatial locations of male and female jobs may also differ, as might the spatial patterns of commuting to jobs according to the mode of transport for the JTW (Crane, 2007; BITRE, 2015).
was through the cliff-cave, Gnipahellir, which recalls the ice-rimed stone-cliff beneath which the husband will sit.")(68) In the absence of nature's vital principal, life on earth declines, shrouded in gloom: "the valleys are dark, the hills steep, bitter enclosures overgrown with briars, a joyless abode" (sindon dena dimme, duna uphea, / bitre burgtunas, brerum beweaxne, / wic wynna leas 30-32a).