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BITTBanking and Insurance Transactions Tax (various countries)
BITTBaltic Information Technology and Telecommunications Forum
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Barbados-based Bitt Inc has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the central bank to conduct a FinTech pilot on blockchain technology in ECCB member countries.
Bitt is the architect of blockchain and distributed ledger based technology infrastructure for interbank transactions and cash digitization systems for central banks.
Overstock has announced a $4 million investment in Caribbean-based Bitt, a FinTech firm that intends to help digital currency adoption grow in that region.
Carlisle Fire Show, Cumbria (Saturday): A 30ft bonfire is centrepiece of the 30th anniversary show in Bitts Park.
Parting Bitts For Parting Holder Size:- 1/8 Inch X 3/4 Inch X 6 Inch Long Make:- Miranda, Bipico, Adrson, Qty.
They know Arnold Bitts is funny, they know Arnold Bitts knows he's funny and that's why they didn't have to laugh a lot.
1) Around 35,000 people usually go to the popular annual Carlisle Fireshow, which will be staged in the city's Bitts Park tomorrow from 6.
Today a tug of war developed between a bull-headed entry and show helpers after the beast shied at being paraded before the crowd at the Cumberland Agricultural Show, Bitts Park, Carlisle .
Seafaring folk called that part of the cable that is to the rear of the windlass bitts, and the turn of the cable around the bitts the bitter.
The end of an anchor cable is fastened to the bitts at the ship's bow.
Library security also ensures that rogue servers can't see any of the drives at all," said Art Bitts, Cummins Senior Systems Engineer.
Neighbor Pucci Bitts said she heard loud thumps coming from the unit next door just before the fire broke out.