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BITTBanking and Insurance Transactions Tax (various countries)
BITTBaltic Information Technology and Telecommunications Forum
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Bitt CEO, Rawdon Adams said, 'A central bank issued digital currency, which can be used on mobile wallets, facilitates secure and frictionless financial transactions and payments, using a mobile phone/tablet, within each jurisdiction and across jurisdictions in the monetary union. portfolio investment company announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Caribbean island Montserrat to launch a digital payments platform.
She's a bitt Mutt and Jeff and thought she was actually going to Stonehenge so had packed four kaftans specially.
Global Banking News-March 14, 2018--Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and Bitt to partner for currency pilot
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 25, 2017-Netki, Bitt Production release underway
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 25, 2017-Netki, Bitt Production release underway
A Hairdressing Council official wrote back to Mr Ray Bitt and told him: "May I offer you my warmest congratulations on becoming a State Registered Hairdresser.
BITT BITT ER rivals Tony Bellew and Nathan Cleverly have agreed to a rematch in Liverpool.
BITT OF CLASS: Grant Leadbitter celebrates his goal
"They have done well, but I do not want to say too much." That's his prerogative as manager of Liverpool and certainly not deserving of the "Bitt Benit " headlines I've been r Manchester United the Premier League.
RESULT: 1 C Smallwood (J&H) 20:23; 2 A Hunter (J&H) 20:48; 3 S Evans (J&H) 20:56; 4 Z Tucker (Bitt) 20:58; 5 A Onsia (J&H) 21:07; 6 C Robson (Tees) 21:29; 7 T Laws (Derw) 21:35; 8 G Adams (Gosf) 21:40; 9 M Stephenson (Unatt) 22:01; 10 V Russell (Elsw) 22:12; 11 J Smith (Heat) 22:17; 12 J Hetherington (Unatt) 22:24; 13 S Laws (W45, Derw) 22:29; 14 S White (W40, Tyne) 22:36; 15 L Walker (Walls) 22:46; 16 G Butler (W45, Gosf) 22:48; 17 H Lambert (W45, Unatt) 22:57; 18 L Pringle (Blyth) 23:09; 19 H Astley (Unatt) 23:32; 20 H Ross (W45, Unatt) 23:34.
I was amazed - no, SHOCKED - at the nature of the no-holds-barred sexploits featured in the likes of The Musketeer's Dinner and Abbot Bitt At The Convent.