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BITUBustamante Industrial Trade Union
BITUBack in the USSR (Beatles song)
BITUBelarussian Independent Trade Union (Belarus)
BITUBaptist International Theological University
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Briuseliatoriaus signalai sumodeliuoti naudojant slankaus ir fiksuoto kablelio (32 bitu tikslumo) skaiciavimus, kai taikoma modifikuota MP gramatika
SEALED OFF: Police community support officers in Mawnan Close, Exhall, in SJune the body of 'Bitu' June, following the discovery of Ranjit Bitu Singh, right
Kodiniu skaliu briaunoms nustatyti ir tyrimams atlikti geriausiai tiko BMP 24 bitu formatas, nes aiskiausiai buvo matyti kodiniu skaliu briaunu ribos tarp juodu ir baltu bruksniu, ir buvo maziausi skaitmeniniu nuotrauku iskraipymai.
Tender notice number : A/59463/Paint Bitu Black/DGOS/OS-P1/Proc Sec
Mr Iype is survived by wife Lisy, sons Bibin, 22, and Brian, six, and twin daughters, Bitu and Binju, 20.
Ahead of the Rongali Bihu festival, large number of people comes to buy drums and many locals get involved in the drum making process," said an artisan, Bitu Baruah.
It is believed that Mr Singh who was also known as Bitu, was one of the three men who travelled now have until later today to question the 51, 55 and 61 year old.
2] zemelapio ploto vienetui tenka grafiniu zenklu (grafine apkrova) bei bitu (tiesiogine informacine apkrova).
17) The data consist largely of relatively unarticulated notation of units such as Bit PN (where bitu can refer to anything from a house or part of a house, to an estate, a synchronic or diachronic social unit or descent group, or a political division up to the level of province); with little context to draw on in most instances, guesses as to where an individual Bit PN may lie along this wide spectrum are often subjective, no matter how dogmatically asserted.
Bitu Bhalla, appearing for the Norfolk farmer who fatally shot a burglar, told a judge the board had 'no business submitting arguments on the strategy for burglars generally.
Barrister Bitu Bhalla, acting for jailed farmer Tony Martin, said: "The burglar, if he decides to attack a householder, ought to be aware that if reasonable force is used against him he will not get any protection.
Unknown to Martin and his lawyers, a dossier which went before the board contained a secret document ultimately indicating he was ``suitable for early release'', said Bitu Bhalla,appearing for the Norfolk farmer.