BIVIBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (St. Joseph, MO)
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John Tuttle, senior associate director for Equine Professional Services for BIVI.
The recently implemented SPM solution now enables BIVI to:
In the course of our SPM discussions, BIVI determined Synygy had multiple solutions applicable to their needs," said Mark A.
AUDIENCE: BIVI members of the 2014 International Pig Veterinary Society Congress
In the swine industry for example, BIVI has created a program that brings women leaders together for networking and educational opportunities on a regular basis.
PR ag accts: Autauga Quality Cotton Association, 2007; BIVI (swine), 2004; BIVI (pet), 2008; BIVI (corporate), 2004; BIVI (equine), 2008; Companion Animal Parasite Council, 2005; John Deere (agricultural division), 2006; Livestock Marketing Association (projects), 2004; Meredith Corporation (projects), 2005; Nova Source, 2007; Tessenderlo Kerley (projects), 2003
Many of NOBL's vaccines were innovative in the way they were manufactured and administered to pigs, such as some of the first one-dose vaccines and oral applications," says Tim Bettington, Executive Director, BIVI swine business.
business," says Tim Bettington, vice president of sales and marketing, BIVI.
Okkinga is responsible for managing the marketing department in the swine division of BIVI.
BIVI also looks for the right chemistry among team members.
We have enjoyed developing a substantial business with livestock insecticide products over the years," said BIVI Pres/COO George Heidgerken.
Agricultural editors and publishers should stop by the BIVI booth for swine product information and a special 2005 AMS memento.