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BIYBuild It Yourself
BIYBelieve in Yourself
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BIY is the smallest segment, accounting for less than 30 of total global demand.
The DF and BIY's joint efforts persuaded the national legislature to collect more information before starting to review the CSSTA.
She showed up with 10 pals yesterday, a day ahead of her set today, and marked her big day by seeing her favourite band Biy Clyro.
Heffernan writes, for instance, that the contest staged biy ekphrasis "evokes the power of the silent image even as it subjects that power to the authority of language ...
The law envisages introduction of the prime minister's representative in aimak - biy - in replacement of the oblast as administrative and territorial unit, which is supposed to be abolished.
'These rockets are indiscriminate weapons which cannot be directed at a particular target and their use may amount to war crimes,' the Amnesty statement said Amnesty International's Senior Crisis Response Adviser Donatella Rovera said: 'Families in Misurata are once again living in fear of being killed as rockets rain down on their homes and it's impossible for the terrified residents to find safe shelter' The rights group said that a fourteen-year-old biy, Ibrahim 'Ali Boushiba was killed and his mother, father and 12-year-old brother Faraj were injured on June 20 when several rockets struck their home in the Rweissat neighbourhood.
Son yillarda birincil immun yetersizliklere (BIY) neden olan yeni mutasyonlar tanimlanmistir.
Le poesie citate nell'introduzione sono: Stanze della funicolare, Sonetti dell'anniversario (VI), Foresta, Congedo del via cgiatore cerimonioso, Eppure, Coda, Disdetta, Le biciclette, Odor vestimentorum, Quesito, Parole (dopo l'esodo) dell'ultimo della Maglia, Apostrofe a un impaziente d'imbarco, Biy, lietto lasciato prima di non andar via, Il Veltrone, Versi livornesi, Scalo dei fiorentini, I ricordi.
But in the UAE it is not Do-It-Yourself, said Kristensen, but rather Buy It Yourself (BIY), adding there has a been a 20% growth in BIY in the last three years.