BImSchGBundes-Immissions-Schutz-Gesetz (German: federal emissions control law)
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Evidence that the contractor - as far as required by public authorities - has made the location-based security services according to A* A* 12 and 17 BimSchG.
Contract notice: Immissionstechnische evidence (noise monitoring) to avv by construction noise according to A* 26 bimschg known measurement center.
9 Tests on automatic sliding / swing doors : 10th Tests on power-operated doors (if available) : 11th Testing of cranes : 12th Examination of hoists : 13th Examination of lifts : 14th Preliminary checks for changes to existing systems : 15th Requiring monitoring and testing of equipment requiring inspection for new construction (design review, test execution documentation, pre-commissioning test) as well as carried out in this context, periodic inspections : 16th Other services such as : - Statements and expert opinion (29 a) to BimSchG : - Tests on systems that were not explicitly mentioned above (such as tests for safety systems, LT, Bypass, safety valves, etc.