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BIskbacilloscopical index of skin
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Six-Sigma is "a quality improvement methodology structured to reduce product or service failure rates to near perfect" (Bisk Education Inc.
Bisk writes that Jews find themselves in the midst of an unprecedented revolution.
Tsvi Bisk is a futurist and director of the Center for Strategic Thinking in Israel.
Bahrain Royal team consisted of another two riders, including Mohammed Al Thawadi on 'Ciscada' and Lorent Mosti from the technical team riding 'Bisk'.
Bisk, Software Licenses Through the Bankruptcy Looking Glass: Drafting Individually Negotiated Software Licenses that Protect the Client's Interests in Bankruptcy, 17 FORDHAM INTELL.
George Straschnov, general counsel and brand manager for Bisk Education Inc.'s corporate governance programs, says that Bisk began training executives and directors in a Sarbanes-Oxley certification program.
State-of-the-art technology developed by Bisk Education, Inc., allows the University Alliance to deliver streaming audio and video lectures online.
Another possibility is raised through Cavendish's use of a blazon of the female body in her poem "A Bisk [Bisque] for Nature's Table" (1653):
In spite of his prestigious success, however, Bosquet could not forget "the other" - Anatole Bisk (a model for Arnold Schwab), born in Odessa, a refugee in Brussels (where "Bisk" became "Bosquet") and in the United States, where, in 1942, he joined the army and became an American citizen.
The average difference [DELTA][V.sup.A.sub.GNSS] comes to 0.7 mm/y, however, the smallest value was noticed in stations WAT1 (0.0 mm/y) and KUTN (0.3 mm/y), the highest in station BISK (1.1 mm/y).
He said: "There were two quite horrific recipes on it, one called a bisk and the other called an oleo and basically they were a case of stewing up disgusting parts of animals - along with some good bits as well.