BIurBaccalaureus Iuris (Bachelor of Law)
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Szymanska E (2011b) Innowacyjnosc produktowa biur podrozy [Product innovation].
Combining the interpretations of Buber and the Biur, we can say: Reach out and behave lovingly--with genuine solicitude and fairness--to others, as you want to be treated, for you are all equal members of the human family.
Like the Biur, A Women's Commentary is a didactic and collaborative effort, seeking to make the Hebrew scriptures accessible, relevant and thereby meaningful to a new generation.
Furthermore, it is in his 1781 Hebrew commentary on the book of Exodus, the Biur, that one finds the strongest example of the observant philosopher's attempt to provide a rational and universal interpretation of traditional sources.
91) Cohen, supra note 68, at 96 relying on Biur Halachan, Orech Chayymim 329.
Office For First Floor At Biur Tal - Shirala Dist- Sangli
This committee under Ben-Gurion consciously or unconsciously assigned jargons tantamount to ethnic cleansing to its military operations, from Hebrew names such as matateh (broom), tihur (cleansing), biur (a passover expression meaning "to cleanse the leaven") and niku (cleaning up).
It is instructive to learn that Jewish military commanders understood their operations against Palestinians clearly from the following descriptions: tihur ['purifying'], biur ['rooting out'] and nikkuy ['cleansing'].
Normative Jewish law declines to follow this statement, and accepts that after washing the hands one may touch scrolls of Prophets and Ketuvim, but not Torah; see Rabbi Israel Meir Kagin, Biur Halacha O.
Swiadczenie uslug porzadkowych na terenie budynkEw administracyjnych i na terenie posesji w 34 urzedach skarbowych majacych siedzibe na terenie wojewEdztwa dolnoslaskiego, w zakresie: sprzatania biur, czyszczenia okien, sprzatania ulic, odsniezania posesji i dachEw, usuwania oblodzen, sadzenia roslin oraz utrzymania terenEw zielonych.