BJHBarnes-Jewish Hospital (St. Louis, MO)
BJHBarclay James Harvest (English pop group)
BJHBritish Journal of Haematology (UK)
BJHBethel Junior High
BJHBopp-Jancso-Heinzinger (potential function)
BJHBall Junior High (Anaheim, CA)
BJHBrookhurst Junior High (Anaheim, CA)
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Our special thanks to Acil & Weber for the measures of BET and BJH using a Quantachrome 2000 Surface Area, Pore Size and Distribution Analyzer.
According to BJH, those effects will include not only the direct jobs, but the indirect ones which an analysis estimates to total upwards of 36,000 across New York City.
The 2011 BJH guidelines on oral anticoagulation with warfarin are widely used in SA and are often referenced by the National Health Laboratory Service.
Supplementary data 3: N2 adsorption-desorption isotherm and BJH pore diameter distribution of C4.
The BJH average pore diameter (4.40-4.70 nm) indicates the creation of intracrystalline mesopores.
The corresponding pore size distribution plots were calculated with the BJH method [34] (Figure 3(b)).
With The BJH Group, Himelstein serves as a marketing, hospitality industry and luxury brand consultant to help growing and established businesses achieve new levels of success.
It is obvious that each bihomomorphism is BJH, but in general the converse is not true.
The nitrogen adsorption isotherms of the films were measured at 77 K on an BELSORP-miniII instrument (MicrotracBEL Co., Ltd.) to calculate Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface areas [36] and BJH pore size distributions.
Newman-Keuls test; homogenous groups, [alpha] = 0.05 Variable 5% aerocellulose 9% aerocellulose [S.sub.pore] BJH 113.93 (A) 75.73 (B) ([m.sup.2]/g) Cumulative [V.sub.BHH] 0.4546 (A) 0.2798 (B) ([cm.sup.3]/g) Av.
The BET surface area is about 35.3 [m.sup.2] [g.sup.-1], while the pore size distribution was measured using a Barrett-JoynerHalenda (BJH) method (Figure 4(b)) which indicates that the ZnO nanostructures exhibit both meso- and microporous features.