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The revised (Brighton 1998) criteria for the diagnosis of benign joint hypermobility syndrome (BJHS).
It is intriguing that most of the extra-intestinal features of functional gastrointestinal disorder are the same with features of BJHS which is a non-inflammatory connective tissue disorder.
Only 2.8% fulfilled BJHS classification criteria, and 1.2% met the ACR classification criteria for fibromyalgia.
Gay, "No 'Heathen's Corner' here: The failed campaign to memorialize Herbert Spencer in Westminster Abbey," BJHS, 31 (1998), 41-54.
(13), (14) All subjects were assessed for the existence of GJH using the Beighton score (15) and for BJHS using the revised Brighton criteria.
Although BJHS is a heritable collagen disorder, the occurrence of herniated nucleus pulposus may be common in patients with this syndrome.
When Judy Karen Brown arrived at Bob Jones High School (BJHS) in Madison, Alabama, in the summer of 1999, she immediately identified a need to build both student and community interests in family and consumer sciences (FACS).
The object of this study was to ascertain the prevalence of hypermobility and the benign joint hypermobility syndrome (BJHS) in male and female student and professional ballet dancers, and explore whether BJHS has any effect on a dance career.
Benign joint hypermobility syndrome (BJHS) is a musculoskeletal disorder characterized by excessive movement of the joints without a systemic rheumatological disease.(8) This syndrome is seen in healthy patients suffering from arthralgia without any explanation, soft tissue rheumatism, joint laxity, and in healthy patients without Marfan and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes.