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From Table 2, it is obvious that other mentioned algorithms are all more efficient than BJN [11], because the outsourcer needs to carry out modular exponentiation and scalar multiplication for computing bilinear pairing in BJN [11].
Sector From To [absolute value [absolute value d (km) of [T.sub.1]] of [T.sub.2]] 1 BJN SHHQ 32x2 10x2 1680 2 BBN SHHQ 19x2 6x2 600 3 BJN QFD 19x2 6x2 695 Table 2: The results of the algorithms.
BJN allows people using smartphones, tablets, or home computers equipped with cameras to connect with corporate video conference rooms, which until now have only connected to similarly equipped rooms at other locations.
AI: It actually varies by age, health and life stage; but, for the general healthy adult population, the BJN study actually highlights that the 250 mg/day intake level should be the minimum.
(20.) Gibbs AR, Gardner MJ, Pooley FD, Griffiths DM, Blight BJN,Wagner JC.