BJWBig Japan Pro Wrestling (also seen as BJPW)
BJWBournemouth Jubilee Wheelers (cycling club; est. 1935; UK)
BJWBlue Jay Way (Beatles song)
BJWBeef Jerky Works (food making product)
BJWBakersfield Jazz Workshop (Bakersfield, CA)
BJWBackyard Juggalo Wrestling (Canada)
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Dalbert (2001) has identified three main functions of the BJW which shows that it has buffering effect on well-being.
En este sentido, la BJW junto con la orientacion a la dominancia social (Social Dominance Orientation, en adelante SDO) justifica las relaciones jerarquicas constitutivas de los sistemas economicos injustos (Jost & Hunyady, 2005; Jost, Federico & Napier, 2009; Liviatan & Jost, 2011).
For example, BJW, a concept that assesses whether an individual believes that merit and fate are strongly related (Van Soest, 1996), has been found to relate to SJA attitudes in other populations (Parikh et al.
As the main proposition in this study we suggested that with greater BJW would come greater control over the individual's environment and freedom in daily physical activities.
None of the religious legalism factors correlated with both BJW and defensive theology.
Result and Conclusion: Pearson's r analysis revealed that religiosity, altruism and BJW were significantly positively related.
An alternative interpretation is that a one point increase in the BJW measure has the same impact on test scores as a 3 category improvement on a 13 point scale in the parent's level of education.
Thus, the purpose of this study is to examine how BJW, political ideology, religious ideology, socioeconomic status of origin, and race relate to SJA attitudes among school counseling professionals.
Tuin BJW, Tels M (1990) Removing heavy metals from contaminated clay soils by extraction with hydrochloric acid, EDTA or hypochlorite solutions.
One BJW study indicated that the DD 963 was the "favored" at-sea platform for evaluating one of the EDMs.
The 57-year-old owner challenged the youth after he tried to break into a Montego car at BJW Motors in Lewisham Road.