BKAVBach Khoa Antivirus
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The first time around, Bkav researchers managed to trick Face ID on the iPhone X using a $150 3D printed mask.
Ngo Tuan Anh, Bkav's vice president, gave Reuters several demonstrations, first unlocking the phone with his face and then by using the mask.
According to Bkav, their research team started working on the mask when they received an iPhone X last Nov.
The skin was also hand-made to trick Apple's Artificial Intelligence," Bkav said in a blog post.
Bkav, meanwhile, didn't mince words in its blog post and FAQ on the research.
The demo shows Face ID working in one try, too, although it's not clear how many false starts Bkav had before producing a mask that worked smoothly.
Bkav's new video comes 2 weeks after the company made headlines in mid-November for showing that a mask could easily bypass Face ID.
In a (http://www.bkav.com/d/top-news/-/view_content/content/103968/face-id-beaten-by-mask-not-an-effective-security-measure) blog post and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4YQRLQVixM) video published over the weekend, researchers at Vietnamese security firm Bkav laid claim to being the first to trick the iPhone X's new biometric authentication feature into unlocking.