BKCBenzalkonium Chloride (chemical compound)
BKCBurger King Corporation
BKCBackup Copy
BKCBackup Catalog
BKCBiwako-Kusatsu Campus (Ritsumeikan University; Shiga, Japan)
BKCBible Knowledge Commentary
BKCBallarat Karate Club (est. 1965; Australia)
BKCBatchKennisCentrum (Dutch: Batch Knowledge Centre)
BKCBernard Krief Consultants (France)
BKCBlitzkreig Commander (game)
BKCBandung Karate Club (est. 1966)
BKCBurgess Kershaw Consultants
BKCBethany Korean Church
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25 October 2017 - Virginia, US-based middle-market insurance agency The Hilb Group, LLC (THG) has acquired Michigan, US-based property and casualty insurance company BKC Insurance Agency to expand operations in the Midwestern US, the company said.
Beyond the company's presence in BKC, BSO's network also connects the Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) and the Bombay Metal Exchange (BME) in Mumbai.
Highly water soluble, light in color and essentially odorless, Lonzagard BKC cGMP Benzalkonium Chloride can be used in product formulations for consumer hand soaps, non-alcohol hand sanitizers, healthcare hand washes and sanitizing wipes.
While the Maharashtra government planned BKC as a finance hub and as an alternative to Nariman Point, it had also reserved plots of land for a few residential projects, besides a diplomatic enclave, hospitals and luxury hotels.
The 175-hectare BKC was the first of the series of "growth centres" created in the suburbs over two decades back to stop further concentration of offices and commercial activities in South Mumbai and also to decongest that part of the city.
Kyle was one of the youngest children in Australia to practice karate at the tender age of five and when the family moved to Bahrain in 2007, the boys joined the BKC and progressed through all 10 colours of belts before being able to take the test for their black belt.
Benzalkonium chloride can be toxic to mammals, and many regulatory agencies are now requiring that shrimp be tested for BKC contamination prior to human consumption.
The commander mentioned that automatic rifles, home-made grenades, Israeli-made anti-tank rockets, BKC machine guns and RPG launchers were destroyed in the operation.
The BKC club include space for others sports, restaurants, banquet halls, lounge and rest rooms.
Sofitel Mumbai BKC boasts nine meeting rooms ideal for conferences and events, in addition the hotel will features a So Spa and So Fit which will offer guests a genuine shrine to health and well-being.
BKC is a premium location, but the price is high considering the depressed market conditions," said real estate consultant Ashok Narang.
In 2008, Piramal Sunteck JV bough two plots of land in BKC from MMRDA at Rs.