BKKBNBadan Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana Nasional (Indonesian population and family information network)
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The UNFPA, in collaboration with the BKKBN, has been inviting since 2013 religious leaders from at least 20 African and Asian countries - particularly those with a large Muslim population - to Indonesia to learn about family planning from Muslim leaders.
A 35-year commitment to family planning in Indonesia: BKKBN and USAID's historic partnership.
The situation worsened in 2002 when the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) transferred their authority from their own district office to the district government (Pemda) in order to implement decentralisation, which was stipulated by a new decentralisation law in 2000.
According to Lalu Sudarmadi, Principal Secretary of BKKBN the
It appears that the various criticisms of the FP programme had influenced Kofifah, the young Minister of Women's Empowerment of the Wahid government, to take up the issues of gender and morality seriously, and she brought the BKKBN under her authority.
Sugiri Syarief, who is set to step down as chair of the BKkbN, thus making his presence at the signing ceremony one of his last official acts.
The National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) actually made an effort to research and provide data regarding aspects of reproductive health, including violence against women (see table 9).
An AIDS strategy was adopted in 1994, modeled on the work of Indonesia's successful population and family planning board, BKKBN. It espoused broad principles rather than specific programs, and did not include focus on high-risk groups.
As for the poverty situation in Tomohon, according to the data for the fiscal year 1999/2000 from the sub-district office, 37 per cent of the population were categorized as belonging to keluarga miskin (poor families) (4) (BKKBN Kecamatan Tomohon 2000).
Computerization and Utilization Family Planing of the Population and Family Institution (BKKBN) Information System (SIDUGA) 2.
The Indonesian Ministry of Health defines adolescents as those aged 1019 years (3) in its programmes, while the National Family Planning Coordination Board's (BKKBN's) programmes define adolescents as those aged 10-24 years.
THE Indonesian National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) was formed in 1970 during the government of President Soeharto, who did not initially consider family planning an important issue.