BKKBNBadan Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana Nasional (Indonesian population and family information network)
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103/2001 on Position, Tasks, Function, Authority, Organisational Order and Work Procedure on Non-Departmental Government Institutions (especially Article 114 section 2) states that some governance duties conducted by the BKKBN head office will be transferred to the provincial governments in accordance with the provisions of established law by 31 December 2000 at the latest.
The findings were shared with a variety of stakeholders in 9 cities, involving NGOs, universities, legal professionals, professional institutions/ organisations, MOH, BKKBN (NPFCB), The Ministry of Religious Affairs, The Ministry of Women's Empowerment, the Parliament, MUI (Indonesian Council of Moeslem Leaders) and the mass media.
ARH, BKKBN cooperates with PKBI with the support of UNFPA in the
It was also President Wahid's decision to put BKKBN under the
It appears that the various criticisms of the FP programme had influenced Kofifah, the young Minister of Women's Empowerment of the Wahid government, to take up the issues of gender and morality seriously, and she brought the BKKBN under her authority.
A drawback already brought forward by Sri Sumaryati Aryoso the head of BKKBN in her report to the ICPD Nation report to the ICPD on 2004 ICDDT.
F: employed at a Married garage M: housewife * at the time the child became a victim of sexual violence ** child went with mother, mother victim of domestic violence Table 9: According to BKKBN and Kalyanamitra, the cases of violence against women between January 1999-November 2000 comprise: Type of VAW 1999 2000 Total Domestic 32 33 65 Sexual harassment 3 4 7 Rape 16 6 22 Disavowed promise 4 8 12 Total 55 51 106 Source: Buku Sumber Advokasi untuk BKKBN, 2002, source: Kalyanamitra.
In 2000, the BKKBN tried to integrate Family Planning services into reproductive health services.
The government, through the BKKBN and the Department of Health has a programme to disseminate information on reproductive health to adolescents.
11-15) In the first decade of the family planning programme, the main role of family planning field workers, who are employed by BKKBN, was to make the first contact with eligible couples of reproductive age and disseminate family planning information to them.
The BKKBN was the key coordinating agency, tying together the activities of the five departments.
The BKKBN website reports that in the 1990s, 20-30% of youth living in the Javanese cities of Bandung, Bogor, Sukabumi and Yogyakarta engaged in premarital sex.