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BKNBroken (aviation - very cloudy)
BKNBadan Kepegawaian Negara (Indonesian: National Civil Service Agency)
BKNBostadskreditnämnd (Swedish: Housing Credit Guarantee Board)
BKNBlackRock Investment Quality Municipal Trust, Inc. (stock symbol; Wilmington, DE)
BKNBranchevereniging Kringloopbedrijven Nederland (Dutch: Recycled Business Sector Association Netherlands)
BKNBohbot Kids Network (Australia)
BKNBahagian Keselamatan Negara (Malaysian preparedness agency)
BKNBoomer Knowledge Network
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Sonuc: CS pozitifligi BKN icin onemli faktorlerden biridir.
Prostatektomi spesmenlerinin %12-42'sinde cerrahi sinir (CS) pozitifligi gorulmekte ve bu durumun BKN riskini yaklasik 2 kat arttirdigi belirtilmektedir (6,7,8).
The new entity will take over all global licensing activities for BKN productions--a news release says BKN's licensing and merchandising staff is "increasing.
DRi Managing Director Anthony Temple becomes Managing Director of BKN Consumer Products, and Mark Riese, Group Finance Director of DRi, becomes CFO of BKNI.
The quick success of the toon series also prompted BKN to award U.
Ungar, who was named chairman and CEO of BKN in September, is well aware of the steep odds against breakout success in today's wall-to-wall kidvid environment.
Expansion / renovation of BKN GE VII with 2 distribution and 16 access switches for: