BKOBerkshire Orienteers (UK)
BKOBo Kaspers Orkester (Swedish Pop Orchestra)
BKOBaten Kaitos Origins (gaming)
BKOBack Office
BKOBig Kids Only (various locations)
BKOBack Order
BKOBamako, Mali - Senou (Airport Code)
BKOBelgische Kalibratie Organisatie (Dutch: Belgian Calibration Organization)
BKOBeautiful Kids Organization (est. 2009)
BKOBidarteko Surf Club (France)
BKOBarkhausen-Kurz Oscillator
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TLC plates used to separate triacylglycerol species of BKO and other oils by argentation TLC were manually prepared by making the slurry of silica gel in an aqueous 2.
Gas liquid chromatography: For the preparation of fatty acid methyl esters, aliquots of BKO were dissolved in the methylation mixture methanol/ benzene/ conc.
Table 4 shows some of the oil constants of BKO obtained from mature-fruit accession number 1 (Table 1), procured from Wad-medani area in central Sudan.
1) shows that BKO is more similar to normal oils in edible use sueh as ground nut oil, than the more saturated oils tested (palm oil and its derived fractions, palm stearin and palm olein).
Table 5 shows that BKO of accession 1 contained a moderate amount (3.
Table 1 contains fruit accessions with BKO values lower than 40%, particularly accession 11, procured from western Sudan, which exhibited a value of only 23.
The potential for commercialisation of kernel oil and kernel protein has been discussed here, especially aspects of availability of raw material, BKO edibility and extraction protocol.
Sonuc: Elde ettigimiz veriler klinik BPH ile yuksek BKO (abdominal obesite) ve serum insulin duzeyleri arasinda anlamli iliski oldugunu dusundurmektedir.
Vucut agirliginin vucut uzunlugunun karesine bolunmesi ile VKI hesaplandi, Ayrica yine her hastanin BKO hesaplandi.
BPH ile BKO arasmdaki iliskiyi gosteren bircok caltsma vardir.
In the final, although BKO took a two fight lead, the greater experience of the Norwegians told as they pulled it back to 2-2, taking the title on a countback of points scored.
All the members of Mali's BKO Quintet grew up with the music and culture of their ancestors, both the hunters and the griots.