BKPBalloon Kyphoplasty
BKPBackup File
BKPBare Knuckle Pickups (UK)
BKPBarang Kena Pajak (Indonesian: Taxable Goods)
BKPBleached Kraft Pulp
BKPBadan Ketahanan Pangan (Indoneisan food agency)
BKPBuchele & Kremer Produktivitätsberatung GmbH
BKPBest Known Practice
BKPBank of Piraeus (stock symbol; Greece)
BKPBuell Kratzer Powell Ltd. (Philadelphia, PA)
BKPBlue Knight Power (online gaming forum)
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According to Harka Gurung, democracy in Bhutan is a gift from the Golden Throne with a vision that there should be a vibrant democracy and BKP is seriously committed to ensure that it is achieved.
The BKP partners know the value I add with respect to media and brand understanding and they have empowered me to drive growth and take the company services forward.
There is amazing growth of talented performers, influencers and content creators in the Arab region and BKP is making it its business to identify, collaborate, manage and nurture the best there is.
Amid all of this, Kirsch, who last year launched BKP Radiophoria to celebrate radio advertising in the region, will focus more of his time on developing the group's own properties.
Speaking about the awards, Alex Bendiouis, VP of BKP Media Group,said:"Our Chairman Barry Kirsch wanted to launch radio awards for the region for more than 15 years.
The winning entry will be recorded free-of-charge by BKP Media Group and broadcast across the region on February 13, which is also celebrated as World Radio Day.
BKP Music, the largest music and audio post-production operation in the Middle East, has six recording studios, two post-production suites and an affiliate office and studio
This new step sees us opening the door to the Middle East by leveraging the combined strengths of BKP and Fairwood.
BKP Music, the largest music and audio post-production operation in the Middle East, boasts 6 recording studios, 2 post-production suites and an affiliate office and studio in Lebanon.
We see this as a natural progression for our ever expanding worldwide business" says Fairwood Music (International) President, Francis Pettican " we were the first independent publisher to open an office in Shanghai and we are now doing the same, with BKP, here in the UAE.
Lab tests and paper machine results show that BCTMP can achieve better dimensional stability than BKP.
26, 1995--BERKLEY PETROLEUM (Alberta Stock Exchange: BKP ) At the request of the Toronto Stock Exchange, Berkley Petroleum Corp.