BKPABritish Kidney Patient Association
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On December 29, 1989, the Politburo of theA BKPA decided to restore the Arabic-Muslim names of the ethnic Bulgarian Muslims and Bulgarian Turks, effectively reversing the so called "Revival Process" (or "Regeneration Process") instituted by the Zhivkov regime in the previous years in order to speed up their assimilation.
The same day theA BKPA adopted the name "Bulgarian Socialist Party".
hasta) BKPA oncesinde yapilan kateterde BVF'deki gradiyent 19 mmHg bulundugu icin BKPA ile es zamanli DKS ameliyati yapildi.
Boyle hastalarda guncel ve klinigimizdeki yaklasim; pulmoner dolasimi korumak amaciyla pulmoner bant (gereginde koarktasyon tamiri ve/veya septektomi ile birlikte), yapilabilen en erken surede BKPA ameliyati, 2-4 yasinda ekstrakardiyak konduit ile tek ventrikul tamiri yapmaktir.
operasyon BKPA, DKS Atriyal (16 ay) septektomi BKPA (11 ay) 3.
"The motivation is money, not the health and quality of life that the recipient can expect." The BKPA, one of Britain's leading transplant charities, offers plenty of advice about the best steps to take.
An official of the Hampshire-based BKPA told us: "We were horrified when we discovered that our website had effectively been hijacked by these people.
The BKPA is a charity started by Mrs Ward after her son died from kidney problems.
Since its inception the BKPA has raised more than pounds 30 million, some of which has gone to help create:
I am sending the association pounds 250 and if YOU would like to help, send donations to: BKPA, Bordon, Hants GU35 9JZ.