BKSHBlack, Kelly, Scruggs and Healey (lobbying firm; Washington, DC)
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BKSH, working Chalabi and the neoconservative agenda into the embrace of the foreign-policy establishment before and after 9/11, got their war--and they may get more, judging from their client lists.
Clinton's chief strategist, Mark Penn, was called out during the campaign for his dual role as her counselor and the CEO of Burson-Marsteller, one of the biggest lobbying firms in Washington--and parent company of BKSH. It has represented scores of foreign governments, including the former Suharto regime in Indonesia, the Saudis, and a handful of countries south of the border pushing for free-trade agreements.
Another BKSH client is Accenture, which, as an offshore company headquartered in Bermuda, avoids paying U.S.
Dale Stoffel quickly came to understand all of this, and, in April of 2003, after the United States invaded Iraq, Stoffel retained the lobbying powerhouse BKSH, the firm headed by the influential Republican lobbyist Charles Black, to provide "assistance in defense contract procurement," for Wye Oak.
In January 2004, a leading BKSH lobbyist named Riva Levinson made a pitch to Stoffel.
(BKSH had a referral arrangement with Bartel, who set him up in Iraq with living quarters, office space, and security.) Barrel was an integral player in Iraqi exile circles; she had helped the INC defend its sometimes questionable bookkeeping in State Department audits and had also assisted in structuring payments the Pentagon made to the INC once war broke out.
So it was in Iraq, with the likes of Peg Bartel, the INC, and BKSH. Stoffel was a miner taking his chances, and they were selling him the picks and shovels.
Matthew Shay, is Margaret and Russell Frith (LawnDoctor), BKSH & Associates Partner Chuck Merin, IFA Chairman Cohen, Steve and Judy Siegel (Brookside Consulting), Philip and Nancy Zeidman, Allison and Pearson Shay.