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BKVBudapesti Közlekedési Vállalat (Hungarian: Public Transportation Company of Budapest)
BKVBrian K. Vaughan (writer)
BKVBennett Kuhn Varner (marketing; Atlanta, GA)
BKVBai Kei Viti Party (Fiji)
BKVBayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein (German: Bavarian Arts and Crafts Association; Bavaria, Germany)
BKVBayerischer Kanu-Verband (German: Bavarian Canoe Association)
BKVBelgische Kamer Van Verhuizers (Dutch: Belgian Chamber of Movers; professional association)
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JCV reactivation in immunocompromised patients may cause a demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS), named progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), whereas BKV reactivation may cause hemorrhagic cystitis and polyomavirus associated nephropathy (PVAN) in renal transplant patients.
Idrar ve kan orneklerinden BKV DNA elde edilmesi icin yapilan ekstraksiyon isleminde EZ1 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 (Qiagen GmbH, Hilden, Almanya) kullanildi.
Target: BKV, DRUM, Hiccup NY, Resonant Analytics, UMarketing
Levels of BKV and JCV in blood and urine were detected using real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
A strategy of immunosuppression reduction is therefore considered the cornerstone of treatment for BKV infection [8], although a uniform standardized protocol has not yet been established [2, 9].
In immunocompetent populations, high seroprevalence values of 82%-98% for BKV (19-22) and 39%-77% for JCV (19-22) have been reported.
Plasmid containing the complete human BKV genome cloned into the vector pBR332 was purchased as a bacterial stock (American Type Culture Collection [ATCC], Manassas, Virginia), prepared using QIAfilter Plasmid Midi Kit (Qiagen, Valencia, California), and quantified spectrophotometrically (BioMate 5 UV-visible spectrophotometer, Thermo Spectronic, Altham, Massachusetts).
The company's new glass fiber-reinforced nylon, PA 6 Durethan BKV EF (Easy Flow), is said to offer approximately 50% higher flowability than a comparable standard PA 6, with no adverse effects on the elasticity modulus, stiffness, elongation at break, or flow-line strength.
As soon as the immunosuppression starts at the time of transplantation, the virus can reactivate and develop a clinically relevant disease, which is manifested as tubulointersticial nephritis (known as BKV nephropathy [BKN] and/or ureteral stenosis).
The severity of diseases caused by BKV and JCV (5,6,15) raises the question of whether WUPyV and KIPyV can cause human disease.