BKVNBeste Keeper Van Nederland (Dutch: Best Keeper Of Holland; soccer)
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The thought process for using IVIG therapy for treatment of BKVN is that human immunglobulins may contain anti-BK virus antibodies as well as provide a degree of transferred protective immunity to the patient (Randhawa, Schonder, Shapiro, Farasati, & Huang, 2010.
Successful treatment of BKVN is measured by the clearance of virus, the increase in the BK-specific antibody levels, and the preservation of renal function (Brennan et al, 2005; Hariharan et al.
Acute rejection and BKVN can occur simultaneously, and differentiating one from the other can often be difficult.
If acute rejection occurs after immunosuppression has been reduced due to suspected or confirmed BKVN, the acute rejection should be treated using standard protocols with maintenance immunosuppression adjusted with caution (Hirsch, Randhawa et al.