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BLAFBrowser Look and Feel (Oracle)
BLAFBijzonder Landelijk Aardwetenschappelijk Feest (Dutch: Extraordinary National Nature Science Festival)
BLAFBuilt Like A Fighter
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(a) The number of lymphocytes and the total number of neutrophils in the blood; (b) the number of lymphocytes and the total number of neutrophils in BLAF; (c-g) the type and shape of inflammatory cells in BALF by Giemsa staining (400x).
Group Dose (g kg 1) Lymphocytes (%) Normal -- 62.50 [+ or -] 8.22 Model -- 50.75 [+ or -] 8.24 * DM 0.0024 58.8 [+ or -] 8.25 ([DELTA][DELTA]) SAD-H 3.6 58.29 [+ or -] 5.67 SAD-L 1.8 56.06 [+ or -] 5.79 Group Neutrophils (%) Eosinophils {%) Normal 37.19 [+ or -] 8.38 0.31 [+ or -] 0.46 Model 28.00 [+ or -] 8.74 * 21.25 [+ or -] 5.30 ** DM 35.81 [+ or -] 7.11 4.06 [+ or -] 2.78 ([DELTA][DELTA]) SAD-H 35.75 [+ or -] 5.43 5.90 [+ or -] 2.59 ([DELTA][DELTA]) SAD-L 30.63 [+ or -] 7.21 13.31 [+ or -] 4.56 ([DELTA][DELTA]) Note: * P<0.05, ** P<0.01 vs Normal Group; AP<0.05, AAP<0.01 vs Model Group Table 3 The differential count of cells in BLAF of each group ([bar.X] [+ or -] S, n = 10) [10.sup.6]/l.
(3) The misconception that just doing, for example mand and intraverbal training, or using an assessment tool associated with VB (e.g., the BLAF, ABLLS, VB-MAPP) one is now "doing verbal behavior." On a number of occasions I've encountered situations where the word "requesting" is replaced with the word "manding" in the training material and on the data sheets and the program is then presented as a "verbal behavior program." While this is a step in the right direction, the use of Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior as a foundation for an assessment and intervention program is far more complex than just doing requesting or mand training.
At the same time, GLA could alleviate the infiltration of neutrophils in the lungs and attenuate the increase of proinflammatory cytokines in lung tissue and BLAF. In addition, GLA could inhibit the activation of NF-kappaB in fibrotic lungs [208].
waar die outeur byvoorbeeld aan die begin vertel dat die storie lank terug afspeel "(seker doer in die middeleeue)" en dat Hekselina se blaf erger was as haar straf "(wel--vir die oomblik)".
Wanneer die visserseun dit in die nag besoek, kom staan sy ongesiens en stilweg naby hom, sien in die lig van sy flits die "vure van die smid", die "perde in die stal"; sy hoor die "naklank van 'n harp", mense "snorkend op hul opgestopte garsmatrasse" en 'n hond wat blaf uit 'n binnehof (79).