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This action is the final step in returning BLAI to the NASDAQ Bulletin Board.
L~Allotissement: 2 lots Lot 1: development work for drinking water treatment units of 4 municipalities in the valley of Tine: Ounit UV treatment to Saint-Dalmas tank UV treatment Ounit source the Rougios Roure UV treatment Ounit drilling the Bollinette Mary chlorination Ounit of Shack Old source in Valdeblore Lot 2: implementation work of processing units of drinking water in 2 towns of the valley of Vsubie: UV treatment Ounit source BLAI to Bollne-Vsubie chlorination Ounit the booster de Turini in Bollne-Vsubie UV treatment Ounit source Ginart in Utelle
In addition, BLAI has sold its existing textile and packaging divisions, which have experienced operating losses for the past several years, to William Leibstone Associates, a corporation wholly owned by William Leibstone, for $941,348, payable by a secured note due in 1998.