BLAMSBuilding and Land Asset Management System (Australia)
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References in classic literature ?
to blam, had I not excepted of it when her lashipp was so veri kind
no other boddi can blam mee for exceptin such a thing when it fals
And it was blim, blam, blim, six times an' twice over, with his two big horse-pistols, an' the house perforated like a cullender.
If my companions went astray, He scarce their wanderings blam'd; If I but falter'd in the way, His anger fiercely flam'd.
But rise, let us no more contend, nor blame Each other, blam'd enough elsewhere, but strive In offices of Love, how we may light'n Each others burden in our share of woe; Since this days Death denounc't, if ought I see, Will prove no sudden, but a slow-pac't evill, A long days dying to augment our paine, And to our Seed (O hapless Seed!) deriv'd.
But when he gets the hang of it you sense Jerry will draw Lord Snooty in close and land a killer combination of Blams! Splats!
A sniper equipped with a laser-sighted BLAM rifle would be able to kill anyone from several kilometres away.
But now the bullets, known as BLAMs or Barrel Launched Adaptive Munitions, use the same guidance system carried by Gulf War missiles.
Unlike an ordinary bullet BLAMS - or Barrel Launched Adaptive Munitions - cannot be blown off course by the wind.