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He went down to the river and blared across the shallows where Deesa used to wash him, hut there was no answer.
It feared nothing that moved or talked save the colonel and the regimental Roman Catholic chaplain, the fat Father Dennis, who held the keys of heaven and hell, and blared like an angry bull when he desired to be convincing.
His vo cal arrangements blared after me a few threats of coming down on the ship for the demurrage of the lighters, and all the other expenses consequent upon the delays arising from my frivolity.
The Blar Mor development will be a mix of properties with some houses potentially for sale and others available to rent.
I'll blar on for a bit now as I've not yet decided what to I'll blar on for a bit now as I've not yet decided what to say here.
Blar prihyrningur is a moving and powerful book that will surely appeal to many readers of contemporary Icelandic fiction.
Blasrblarblar blar blarblar blar blarring on like this for everBlasrblarblar blar blarblar blar blarring on like this for ever.
blar and blaring her and talking a load of nonsense to fill this text box.Create the perfect atmosphere by ...
The oncoming truck driver even blared his horn in an attempt to warn the youth to get out of the way, who barely dodged the truck in time.
And so four designs were prepared, ``Go see them'' the Vision board blared. The Walker's visitor numberssoared, ``Place your votes'' we were implored.
Coincidentally, the public-address system blared the theme song from Friends: "I'll be there for you ..."
Well, 40 percent of last year's previews blared at deafening noise levels (see chart, above)!