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Blasta and Savage Craic first got together three years ago in Dubai for a couple of tunes and continued the tradition last year.
He said: "I'm not six years old, I told you, they don't fit." Aoiffe rows with Breffny over their chocolate Blasta - named because it means tasty in Irish.
The selection currently available is: Meaty Beany Bake: Pork & apple meatballs in a bean and tomato sauce topped with carrot and potato; Coolcon Carne Chilli without the heat, for cool kidz, minced beef, beans and tomato in a tortilla bowl; Pasta Blasta: Pasta shapes smothered in a creamy cheese sauce on a tangy tomato and bean base; Organic Jackets: Baked potato skins filled with cheese, peas and sweetcorn with a baked bean surprise; Mincy Monster Mash: Minced beef and vegetables in a rich gravy topped with fluffy potato; and the Spaghetti Nest: Bitesize spaghetti pieces in a meat and tomato sauce with a sprinkle of cheese.
Chan e reis a bh' ann, ach farpais feuch co a b' fhearr air a bhith a' slugadh agus ag ol aig gach 'pit-stop' blasta timcheall a' bhaile.
The dryrun started with a lot of energy, old and young, big and small (indigenes, visitors and family) who have become part of the yearly rehearsal, lined up on the carnival route to cheer the different participating bands; Governor, Freedom, Passion Four, Bayside, Seagul and the Masta Blasta.
The theme which will guide all carnival bands (Freedom, Passion 4, Masta Blasta, Bayside and Seagul) in a well interpreted choreographic performances and display at the different adjudication point along the 12 kilometre carnival route was unveiled at the Government house in Calabar Tuesday.
RASTA BLASTA: Bob Marley; NATURE BOY: Julian loves playing in beautiful places
With the home front band Seagull, Passion 4, Masta Blasta, Bayside and Freedom in full force to trill over 50, 000 audiences from Cross River State, other states in Nigeria and foreign participants, international bands from different countries have been arriving the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and the Muriana International Airport in Abuja and Lagos respectively.
So, how does it match up to the pasta blasta? Well, for starters, this is a parallel twin - taking a tilt at the opposition's V-twin.
The ODM officials, led by branch chairman Blastas Nyonyango, said they are also ready to welcome back other leaders who might have felt offended during the party primaries ahead of the 2017 polls.
Chairman Blastas Owino said other leaders who felt offended during the ODM primaries and left are free to return.
It features The Lablympic Games, an adrenaline-filled extravaganza with six explosive stunts and experiments, and The Blastas, an irreverent awards ceremony celebrating the very best stunts from the series.