BLASTPBasic Local Alignment Search Tool Program
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BLASTP analysis identified TRPM, TRPP, and TRPML-like proteins in Lingulodinium polyedra.
2010) and then BLASTP searched against the ARG database (E-value < 10-5) using the thresholds presented in Table 2 to determine the best match.
The sequences of functional domains were retrieved and subjected to BLASTP to find out their occurrence in different model organisms.
We performed predicted gene functional classification by querying protein sequences of the genes against the Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (KEGG) database using BLASTP with Evalues <1 x [10.
IBUN 13A and IBUN 158B sequences analysed with BLASTP Sequence ORF (a) Position Length (b) DSM2478 partial +1 19-765 747 (248) dhaT IBUN 13A partial +1 1-768 768 (256) dhaT IBUN 158B partial +1 13-780 768 (256) dhaT DSM2478 complete +2 14-1170 1158 (385) dhaT IBUN 13A complete +2 14-1170 1158 (385) dhaT IBUN 158B complete +2 14-1170 1158 (385) dhaT Sequence Homology (BLAST) (c) DSM2478 partial gb[absolute value of AAM54730.
A BLASTP search against the NCBI protein database found that Bdor[alpha]6 sequence was highly similar to many other insect nAChR a subunits.
Las secuencias traducidas de cada ORF resultante se compararon con las secuencias que se reportan en las bases de datos mediante BLASTP (http://blast.
6 bits (57), Expect = 0006 Identities = 15/51 (29%), Positives = 26/51 (50%), Gaps = 6/51 (11%) Query: 670 WNWF NITNWLWYIKLFIMIVGGLVGLRIVFAVLSIVNRVRQ GYSP 714 W WF +++++++ + V GLV IVFA L + + R R + P Sbjct: 43 WLWFGELGYRSVFSTVLVTRVVVFLVAGLVVGGIVFAGLAVAYRTR PVFVP 93 BLASTP 2.
The amino acid sequence of each peptide isolated was analyzed for homology with PSA and other proteins by the BLASTP program using the SwissProt database.
The clustered amino acid sequences of ORFs were utilized for a homology search, using the BLASTP program against the following databases: protein sequences of Nematostella vectensis (24,780 sequences, Putnam et al.
The mtMnSOD gene sequence was analyzed and compared using the BLASTX and BLASTP with a GenBank database search.