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BLATBlast like Alignment Tool
BLATBacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato (sandwich)
BLATBlind Learning Aptitude Test
BLATBOP Landing Assist Tool (oil drilling)
BLATBLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)-Like Alignment Tool (genetics)
BLATBallistic Lot Acceptance Test (US DoD)
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The question of friendship cannot be analyzed fully without its association with the meaning of the word "blat." Blat, which refers generally to the informal exchange of personal favors, is defined in a very specific way in Eastern Slavic countries.
Blat is the word used for "influence" or "pull," and as the saying goes, "everyone has got a little blat..." The secretary with access to a photocopier has some, likewise the professor who can help you pass your entrance exams.
Download ISF: Teenage who killed his father in Zqaq el Blat arrested NNA - A teenager who shot dead his father and another individual in the Beirut locality of Zqaq el-Blat was arrested today, a communiqu by the Internal Security Forces indicated on Tuesday.