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'Blaw amdano fo, faswn i ddim wedi cael y cyfle i ymweld a'r holl fannau hudolus rydw i wedi cael cyfle i'w gweld dros y blynyddoedd ac rydw i tu hwnt o ddiolchgar iddo fo am y cyfle.
One of the earliest poems in the volume, 'Mountain Blaw', introduces the importance of place through a child's attachment to a neighbour's moorland farm: the farm itself rose sudden as mercury / through a vein, a sense of place saturating / me.' To be 'saturated' by a place is to have a landscape enter one's being, in a way that alters, and even determines, what one becomes.
Pob amser yn orlawn o drigolion lleol, y "werin", pawb yn siarad Cymraeg, pawb yn nabod ei gilydd 'blaw fi!
Currently Peter Mandelson is in the headlines with his tales of governmental shock and blaw. Alistair Campbell has made a career from his.
Without drummer Tony Kiley around (his wife was ill) classic Monkeys tunes Digging Your Scene and It Doesn't Have To Be This Way lacked that particular punch, but songs from their new album Devil's Tavern (funded by pre-orders placed by fans) suggest these Monkeys still have some 'blaw' left in them.
"Weel, it's a guid job he did not fall on his bottom and blaw his brains oot."
A MEAL FIT FOR A QUEEN: Anita Donelly, lady of Coombe (left), and Julia Blaw, medieval banquet co-ordinator, tuck into some medieval morsels Picture: MICHELLE SPERRY
Wel, 'blaw am yr awyr a'r mor wrth gwrs ond mae'n debyg mai adlewyrchiad ydi hynny o sut rydan ni'n gweld pethau ac nid lliw glas ei hun.
O bonny are our greensward hows, Where through the birks the burny rows, And the bee bums, and the ox lows, And saft winds rusle; And shepherd-lads on sunny knows Blaw the blythe fusle.
Blaw Wearie, 489 yds, par 4: One of many extended holes on the course, the new back tee adds 27 yards and makes a real hazard of the two left-hand bunkers at 260 and 300 yards.
Mae Power Rangers wedi bod o gwmpas ers tro, a 'blaw ei fod o'n waharddedig, cai Dr Who groeso cynnes ar yr aelwyd.
Ingersoll-R and (Blaw Knox) is the leader in the industry, followed closely by Caterpillar.