BLBCBright Lights, Big City (social club, book, musical and record label)
BLBCBear Lake Bible Camp (Alberta, Canada)
BLBCBlack Label Bike Club
BLBCBair Lake Bible Camp (Jones, MI)
BLBCBeacon Lough Baptist Church (UK)
BLBCBusiness Laureates of British Columbia (Canada)
BLBCBinary Linear Block Code
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Although IHC-based MC has been used extensively in breast cancer research, there are 3 major limitations preventing it from being used more extensively in routine clinical practice: (1) confusing terminology, as exemplified by BLBC versus TNBC, and luminal HER2 versus luminal B HER2-positive IBC; 2) no standardization in the selection of biomarkers used for each subtype--for example, using only ER, PR, and HER2 versus the addition of Ki-67, CK5, and EGFR; and (3) no uniform cutoff for each biomarker--for example, 1% versus 10% for ER, or 14% versus 20% for Ki-67.
According to the statement, CBC researchers working under the guidance of professor Andreas Constantinou compared indicators on the surface of cancer cells with the profile of gene expression of breast tumors, and found high levels of receptor IL13R[eth]2 in metastatic or advanced forms of BLBC.
The Messengers, who live in Walsall, contacted BLBC when they first took on the business and have received regular advice and support.
4,10,11) EGFR has been explored as a potential target for therapy based on its expression in some variants of TNBC and the demonstration of EGFR dependence for growth and proliferation on BLBC cell lines.
The prevalence of BLBC ranges from 8% to 37%, (5) depending on the patient population studied.
Shuba Gupta, BLBC adviser, said Mr Kettle came to him with an original idea so they worked on putting a business plan together - with support from the Mustard scheme.
As well as the financial support, BLBC has provided an ongoing business mentoring service to the company.
BLBC business adviser Catherine Bray said: "The Paris show will be another fantastic milestone for them.
Earlier this year, following a support package of marketing and diversification from BLBC, Kandola Silk gained the award for Best Fabric Collection 2006 at the NEC's Furniture Show.
This was certainly a first for me," said Bob Howard, business adviser at BLBC.
left to right) are Neil Anson, Ridgeway Steel, Cherry Lloyd, BLBC business adviser and Ian Detheridge, Ridgeway Steel.