BLBLBonney Lake Branch Library (Sumner, WA)
BLBLBig Lake Branch Library (Big Lake, MN)
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2007: Second Oscar for There Will Be Blood 20020020020020020200200200200200200200200200202002002002002002002007:7:7:7:7:7:7:7:7:7: SeSecSecSeSecSecSecSecSececSecSeSecSec dododondondondonondondondondondondondondondondond OsOsOsOsOsOsOsOsOsOsOsOsOs Oscarcacarcarararcarcarcacarcarcarcarcarcar fofofofofofofofofofofofofo fo TrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTrTr Therheherherherherherherherherherherherherher WeWeWeWeWeWeWeWeWeWeWeWeWeWeWe Willillillillillillillillillllillillillillillillilllillillilillill BeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBeBe Be BlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBl BlBl dododoodoodoododoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoooodoodoodoodood
The nine competing business ideas were Lantern, BLBL (Baby Language), Anacodist, Instapay, Raikom, Letz Hub, U Track, Promolio and Treq.ME.
Trait Locus [H.sub.T] [G.sub.ST] Aleurone color blbl (White)/Bl- (Blue) 0.334 0.52 Awn roughness rr (Smooth)/R- (Rough) 0.462 0.32 Lemma color B- (black)/bb (White) 0.357 0.55 Rachilla hair S- (Long)/ss (Short) 0.366 0.23 Table 8.
It's a stunningly crafted slice of warm, gorgeous electronica, blending pop and dance sensibilities in BLBL's unique manner.