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BLBPBrain Lipid Binding Protein
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Using western blot analysis, we found a significant increase in the transcription factor PAX6 in [HIF1[alpha].sup.-/-] EBs, an important and specific regulator of early neurogenesis, and the same increasing trend was also shown by the neural markers BLBP and TUJ1 (Figure 2(a)).
Also, BLBP protein decreased significantly in [Hif1[alpha].sup.-/-] EBs after [beta]-catenin transfection.
--, therefore a perceptible consequence of anthropogenic activities in the BLBP will be related to modifications in human well-being, since impacts on economy, health, security and social relations might be perceived in the future.
Although this fact does not imply an additional load of nitrogen in BLBP, the exported protein will feed people and animals abroad (probably in Europe and Asia), then affecting their local environments through sewage and waste production.
Type 1 cells express GFAP, nestin [25, 26], BLBP, and Sox2.
Incubation with the following primary antibodies SOX2 (1 : 200, Santa Cruz, sc-8628), NESTIN (1:200, Covance, MMS-570P), [beta]III-tubulin (1:1000, Santa Cruz, sc-21,705), BLBP (1:2000, Chemicon, AB9558), PAX3 (1 : 1000, R&D Systems, MAB2457), and Ki67 (1 : 50, Dako, M7240) was performed overnight at 4[degrees]C followed by the secondary antibodies (1 : 500, Invitrogen) for 30 minute at RT.
Among Fabps, Fabp3 (H-Fabp), Fabp5 (E-Fabp, KFabp, or S-Fabp) and Fabp7 (BLBP or B-Fabp) are the members expressed in the brain.