BLCABlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (US National Park Service)
BLCABanfill-Locke Center for the Arts (Fridley, MN)
BLCABell Canada
BLCABermuda Laser Class Association (boat club)
BLCABitter Little Cider Apples (band)
BLCABlack Labrador Community Arts (Manchester, England, UK)
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We found that high PLK1 expression levels were associated with depressed Treg cell enrichment levels in 16 cancer types (THYM, LUSC, GBM, TGCT, SKCM, PRAD, UCEC, ESCA, UCS, UVM, OV, DLBC, LUAD, STAD, CESC, and KICH) while were associated with enhanced Treg cell activity in 5 cancer types (THCA, KIRC, LIHC, BRCA, and BLCA) (Spearman correlation, FDR<0.1) (Figure 3).
The analysis of NMP22, BLCA, and NMBL proteins performed according to tumor stage (T) and grade (G) [Ta (n = 43), T1 (n = 31), T2 (n = 10), and TIS (n = 7); G1 (n = 40), G2 (n = 41), and G3 (n = 3)] showed no differences between subgroups T and G in NMP22 level; however, there were statistically significant differences in BLCA-4 concentration between Ta and T1 (p = 0.0115), Ta and T2 (p = 0.0288), and Ta and TIS (p = 0.0255) (Figure 1(a)).
Tenders are invited for Hose Pipe Assembly For Load Sensing Device For Blca / Blcb Wagon To As Per Rdso Drg.
Tenders are invited for L Type Composite Brake Block For Container Flat Wagons Type Blca / Blcb For 840 Mm Dia Wheel To Rdso Drg No Contr-9404, S-11 Alt-6 And Material Conforming To Str No Wd 13 Abr 2006 Safety Item