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BLCSBaker Lake Contracting and Supplies (Canada)
BLCSBiblical Life College Seminary (Marshfield, MO)
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BLCSBasic-Level Communication Services
BLCSBoundary Layer Control By Suction
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Over the last five years alone, more than PS500,000 in returns and savings have been made and passed back to BLCS members.
Iain Kerr, BLCS chief executive, said: "This new provision to breeders is a major, long-term extension of the BLCS' core work.
Over the intervening years, uptake in health scheme membership has increased markedly, with momentum further driven by the health rules regarding Johne's and BVD which were introduced at premier BLCS collective sales from May 1 2011.
He added, ``The attitude and approach of the BLCS council will continue to be built around one basic premise, `How can the Limousin breed deliver the right cattle that consistently surpass the level of performance and profitability anticipated by the customer?
s BLCS sale at Carlisle set Year Collective 2008 PS3,777,060 2009 PS4,944,408 2010 PS4,197,197 2011 PS3,984,413 2012 PS4,510,386 a new UK all-breeds record average of PS8,243 (up by more than PS2,000) for the 131 bulls sold.
BLCS chief executive Iain Kerr said: "To have a 71% clearance rate with an average close on pounds 6,000 is very good at an October sale and continues to demonstrate the commercial confidence in the Limousin breed.
Mr Kirton joined the BLCS in 1983 when the family established the Ashledge pedigree herd.
BLCS chairman Jim Bloom said, "The Limousin pedigree sale figures over a sustained number of years are testament to the ongoing demand from the commercial sector for easy care, efficient cattle that leave a profitable carcase.
Judging the Supreme Championship section at the Smithfield Show, BLCS Northern Ireland representative Mr Jim Quail, of Quail's Fine Foods, Banbridge, said of his Champion: "This was a stylish heifer, fined boned, beautifully fleshed with a full loin and hindquarter with a perfect level of fat cover.
BLCS chief executive Iain Kerr said: "There was a tremendous depth in demand and this demonstrates the commercial producer's confidence in the breed.
At the end of the third year of what is initially a four-year commitment by the BLCS, this represents a further growth in uptake of 19%.
Iain Kerr, BLCS chief executive, said: "Following up the performance of bulls beyond sales is hugely important.