BLCUBeijing Language Culture University
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Whitney Kilgore, AP's vice president of academic services, international, will share how AP worked with BLCU stakeholders to structure the ICTP program to create an offering that would scale globally.
Kilgore said, "Significant cultural and educational differences and 7,000 miles did not stand in the way of our team assisting BLCU in modernizing their program and transforming it into a high-quality online offering using Canvas in the Cloud.
Programs will be taught through interactive video conference technology from Vancouver, Canada as well as traditional face to face instruction at the BLCU Beijing campus.
This unique partnership with BLCU once again demonstrates our vision of educating international students with advanced educational contents developed in North America while creating bridging opportunities for these students to start their study in China, complemented by advancing their study and internship in Canada," commented Toby Chu, President and CEO, Vice Chairman of CIBT.