BLDDBelles Lettres Diffusion Distribution
BLDDBradley, Likins, Dillow, Drayton (architecture firm; Illinois)
BLDDBuried Lightly Doped Drain (transistors)
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Bruce Maxey of BLDD Architects said a search for more readily available brick is not finding a good match for the existing architecture of the high school/Washington campus, where the work will take place.Another option would be to eliminate the brick altogether, going with all concrete panels that would feature etched lines and some portions infused with colored stain to give it the look of brick and masonry.
"Separately and in total, our 200 Great Places are more than just examples of good or even great design -- they are a testament to humanity's need to shape their environment in a way that is often both pleasing and thought-provoking," said Kim Kurtenbach, AIA, architect with BLDD Architects and 2018 AIA Illinois Board President.
Tenders are invited for Ca No Cwe Kota/Kota-09 Of 2015-16 Spl Repairs To Road From Haldighati Gate To Chambal Vihar Int Road Of Jcos/Ors Md Accn In North Sector And Constn Of Approach Road From Bldd No.