BLDSCBritish Library Document Supply Centre
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The BLDSC has an impressive number of documents within its broad collection including 220,000 journal titles, 500,000 theses, 300,000 conference reports, and 3 million books.
The BLDSC sent us a CD-ROM copy of its serial collection; ISI and UMI provided their holdings information on diskettes.
The Urgent Action Service is initiated by entering the symbol B#R in the lender string after searching for an item and going to the BLDSC. The service is billed in units, with each unit equaling approximately $9 (U.S.).
Researchers can order specific articles identified by searching SilverPlatter bibliographic databases directly from BLDSC. Documents are sent via first-class mail within 48 hours after the Centre receives the request.
"The BLDSC's vast coverage of subject areas outside of chemistry is a powerful complement to CAS's strength in the chemical sciences.
EBSCO Publishing now produces a CD-ROM product that contains the citations from the British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC) in Boston Spa, England.
BLDSC creates the records within days of receiving a journal, and then releases the information as soon as possible.
Called Inside Information, the new database was launched by the British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC) in U.K.
That's the name the British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC) has given the new service it provides through the Research Libraries Group's (RLG) CitaDel program.
Recently the Alliance signed a letter of agreement with the British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC) for a member discount from BLDSC's current rate for ordering documents.
Since September 1991 the British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC) has been acting as a backup to CARL System's UnCover2 service, which provides easy-to-use article ordering and delivery by fax.
A plan recently announced by the two organizations will allow UnCover to "serve as an alerting service to the BLDSC's collection of more than 55,000 current serial titles." In instances where journal articles are cited in UnCover but are not easily available from UnCover contributing libraries, requests will be referred to the BLDSC under the terms of the agreement.