BLDSCBritish Library Document Supply Centre
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The BLDSC sent us a CD-ROM copy of its serial collection; ISI and UMI provided their holdings information on diskettes.
Based on inquiries to staff at BLDSC, CISTI, and UMI, it was assumed that the supplier had the volume unless otherwise indicated.
As shown in Figure 4, the BLDSC has 81 percent of the articles; CISTI, 39 percent; ISI, 53 percent; UMI, 57 percent; and UnCover, 53 percent.
The Urgent Action Service is initiated by entering the symbol B#R in the lender string after searching for an item and going to the BLDSC.
As of the first of this month, Inside Information contains approximately 900,000 citations from October 1992 onwards, with BLDSC estimating that more than one million citations will be added to the file every year.
Its availability through CitaDel will enable American libraries to treat BLDSC as a primary source of document supply rather than a last resort.
BLDSC determined that these are the most requested titles from its collection of 50,000 journals and magazines.
According to Il spokesman and BLDSC director David Bradbury, the database will initially contain as many as 900,000 citations in its first version.
Users of UnCover will respond to the same simple online ordering prompts provided in UnCover2 to obtain anything from the vast BLDSC collection.
Since BLDSC's collections include over 200,000 journal titles, 3,000,000 reports, 500,000 theses, 300,000 conference proceedings, and 3,000,000 books, CARL's link with the BLDSC should prove quite attractive.