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The offers of Middleton were promptly accepted, and, while the father looked forward impatiently to the day assigned for the nuptials, as to the pledge of his own success, the daughter thought of it with feelings in which the holy emotions of her faith were blended with the softer sensations of her years and situation.
There was so much of fervent piety, mingled with so strong a burst of natural feeling, so much of the woman blended with the angel, in her prayers, that Middleton could have forgiven her, had she termed him a Pagan, for the sweetness and interest with which she petitioned in his favour.
It gives, nevertheless, to the executive magistrate, a partial control over the legislative department; and, what is more, gives a like control to the judiciary department; and even blends the executive and judiciary departments in the exercise of this control.
The constitution of New Jersey has blended the different powers of government more than any of the preceding.
The trees are stripped of their nodding burdens, which, easily freed from the rind and core, are gathered together in capacious wooden vessels, where the pulpy fruit is soon worked by a stone pestle, vigorously applied, into a blended mass of a doughy consistency, called by the natives 'Tutao'.
At length, however, the mournful notes of a whip-poor-will became blended with the moanings of an owl; his heavy eyes occasionally sought the bright rays of the stars, and he then fancied he saw them through the fallen lids.
They spoke together, and the sounds of their voices were low and solemn, as if influenced by a reverence that was deeply blended with awe.
Asheville Tea Company has released new tea blends for the spring.
Generally, any two coals can't just be blended. Successful blending occurs with respect to non-additive properties (likes combustion reactivity of coal, ash characteristics, grindability index, and swelling characteristics) of two coals.
After they are gazetted, millers will be compelled to blend their wheat flour with sorghum, cassava, and sweet potatoes.
Ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM, trade name Keltan 5508), which was procured from DSM elastomers, The Netherlands was selected for the second blend component.