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BLEOBattery on A Law Enforcement Officer (crime)
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bleo originates from Mesoamerica (Panama), Western South America (Columbia) [1, 2, 6, 12] and is distributed in tropical and subtropical regions [1, 2].
Anyway, best of luck to Bleo in his future endeavours - his series should provide Keane with plenty of what-not-to-do advice.
The field is operated by BG International on behalf of partners Talisman UK and Paladin Resources, and is to be tied back to the existing Ross FPSO Bleo Holm.
It hopes to develop Liberator as a subsea tieback to the Bleo Holm vessel, which is on lease to Repsol Sinopec Resources UK.
[4] had reported high inhibitory activity of methanol extract of Pereskia bleo on breast cancer line with an E[C.sub.50] = 2.0 [micro]g/mL.
Colleague Matthew Grey, 59, a pipefitter from Darlington, was killed while working in the cargo tanks of the Bleo Holm 72 miles north east of Aberdeen on Saturday night.
Not surprisingly, the incumbent Peterborough boss at the time, Steve Bleasdale (football nickname: Bleo) is not at all sure about it.
The 100,000-tonne Bleo Holm was completed at the UiE yard in Clydebank and sailed slowly down the river, stopping traffic on the Erskine Bridge as it squeezed underneath.