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BLERBlock Error Rate
BLERBlock Error Result
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Actually, the MT mechanism performance is degraded because it selects the MCS level that expects to maximize the throughput; therefore, several users fail to decode the received data which causes in high Block Error (BLER) rate and leave some free RBs.
The BLER when at 4G, its normal conditions of usage are 2% in an inbound synchronization and 10% in outbound synchronization [31], [32].
An exponential function model of BLER has been proposed for the design of adaptive MIMO systems in [16].
The CQI calculation is improved by considering the impact of multipath delay spread using BLER to enhance the convergence of their proposed algorithm in Multi User (MU) MIMO systems.
Then the extensions to different SDR techniques for 16-QAM signals had been proposed, such as polynomial-inspired SDR (PI-SDR) [8], bound-constrained SDR (BC-SDR) [9], and virtually antipodal SDR (VA-SDR) [10], all exhibiting acceptable BLER performance and relatively low complexity.
A comparison of the BER, BLER, and Raw BER can help to optimize the parameters of the modules and evaluate the performance losses of the modules.
Duomenu perdavimo spartos ir kanalo parametru koreliacijos Duomenu perdavimo spartos Koreliacijos priklausomybe nuo koeficientas RSSI 0,47 RSCP 0,45 Ec/No 0,3 CQI 0,56 QPSK 0,77 16-QAM 0,77 SF 1 kodas 0,2 SF 2 kodai 0,15 SF 3 kodai 0,15 SF 4 kodai 0,1 SF 5 kodai 0,32 BLER 0,16 UE TX galia 0,33 SIR 0,04 Table 2.
Yn y dyddiau pan fyddwn i'n gwisgo teits, ro'n i wastad yn eu tyllu y tro cynta i mi eu rhoi mlaen am fod rhyw ewin bler wedi bachu yn y neilon.
The outputs are the parameters that usually characterize packet transmissions: Throughput, BLER, Packet Delay etc.
and Hu' Bler, G., et al., 1998, Photochemical ozone production in the rural southeastern United States during the 1990 Rural Oxidants in the Southern Environment (ROSE) program.